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Bearded Dragons Available

2019 is our 19th Season as Capital Dragons

NEW Dragons will always be posted here as info becomes available! We invite you to check back for updates.

Equipment Lists, Care Sheets, Nutritional Charts and More can be found under CARE SHEETS on our homepage.

Also, FEEDERS are available on the SUPPLIES pages and would ship to your door by Canada Post (weather permitting).

SORRY - International Shipping Is NOT Available

Bearded Dragon Hatchlings

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Update for FEBRUARY, 2019

Hatchlings that are available right now listed here.

... Hatched October 28 - November 3, 2018 ...

CLICK the PICTURE for more info and to see CURRENT postings.

When available ... Please have a look at the JUVENILE section below ALSO ....

Juvenile Bearded Dragons

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Update for FEBRUARY, 2019

Sorry ... NO "JUVENILE DRAGONS" currently available !

When available ... CLICK the PICTURE for info and to see CURRENT postings.

In the meantime ... Please have a look at the HATCHLING section above ....

Adult Bearded Dragons

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Update for FEBRUARY, 2019

Sorry ... NO "ADULT DRAGONS" currently available !

Hatchling Colour "Samples"

The photos below are only "samples" of different colours and morphs for reference.

Any dragons currently available will be posted above.