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Super Worms

Super Worms

Super worms are used as a standard feeder for larger sized reptiles since their reasonable pricing and larger size have helped make them a popular staple item. Super worms are fairly nutritionally complete but one way to help improve this is to feed the insects high quality foods prior to feeding the insects to your reptile. This process is called gut loading and should take place 24 to 48 hours prior to feeding. Gut loaded insects should still be dusted with calcium and vitamins.

Unlike meal worms you cannot keep super worms cold. Keep your super worms at room temperature with plenty of food and moisture available and they should last for a month or longer. Rarely some super worms will pupate and turn into beetles. Once a week or so you should change the substrate of the super worms to help keep them healthy.

Feeding super worms is fairly easy. There are many gut loads or super worm diets available that are safe to feed the super worms constantly. Another option is to feed various grains and cereals, such as oatmeal, wheat bran, and 12 grain cereal. In addition to this a moisture source should be provided. Slices of potato or apple are ideal. Be sure to wash all fruits or vegetables carefully as they could still have pesticides on them that will kill the super worms. Also, the items you feed to the super worms will affect their nutritional value, so vary it as much as possible.

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