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Jenny Petch

YEEAAHH! That's right you heard me correctly my Zoe and Belle are in pictures. I finally figured it out and now you all can enjoy the girls in livin' colour on the Pagona site. They're the last album, on the last page, under what else Zoe and Belle. I can't tell you the pure joy and pleasure the girls have brought me, it's indescribable. Now with the weather being so beautiful they're outside pretty much everyday, and if I don't, Belle will glass dance till I let her out. Luckily the lawn crew where I live isn't spraying pesticides, so they can run all they want. I just have to mention the incredible experience I've had with my girls has only been hilighted by the fact that I received them from an incredible breeder who not only sent me two amazing babies, but was a great support for me through the whole process of getting accustomed to taking care of them and answering any questions or concerns I had. I've made so many long distance phone calls to her and she was great, even when I nearly had a heart attack because my young little Zoo at the time had a slight calcium deficiency, but when you see her shaking you get scared and Sheila totally helped me out. I feel I've found a good friend and fellow beardie lover in her, her name is Sheila Platt of CAPITAL DRAGONS based in Peterborough, Ontario.

Check out their website, I've just been talking to her and her fiance', and they've told me they've got alot of new babies comin' our way, and I do mean A LOT. They are now starting to ship to the continental U.S also. So if you’re looking for an addition to your beardie family, or are just starting out, give them a try. If your not able to get to a computer right away and your interested you can contact them at (705) 743-6472, I can tell you my experience will have me coming back. Like I said you’re not just getting a beautiful dragon, your getting great support. Give em' a try, and enjoy my Girls in pictures while I enjoy them in person.


Sheila Jenny Petch
Brantford, Ontario

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