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Our Mission

It is our mission to continue to provide Canadians with the hardiest bearded dragons available, while offering some of the most appealing of the dragon colour phases to enhance the amazing experience of owning a bearded dragon.

Your satisfaction is second only to the health and care of our dragons.

We offer a 60-day total health and satisfaction guarantee.

We base ourselves and our operation upon honesty. 

Although we have a quantity of breeders that produce a quantity of hatchlings each season, the HEALTH, CARE and QUALITY  of all our dragons always get our primary efforts and attention.

We never misrepresent a dragon’s colour by naming it for commercial reasons.

We can provide lineage information and hatch details to help reduce bloodline crossing when you acquire a new dragon(s) from us if it is required.

Total support is made available at all times for the life of your dragon(s).

About Us

We've been keeping and breeding a variety of reptiles since '97. The hobby started with a Leopard Gecko for the young son, Aidan.

The passion for reptiles has now grown over the years and has included a collection of leopard geckos, pictus geckos, veiled chameleons, mali uromastyx, pinesnakes, corn snakes and bearded dragons.

When we first met Tim Daly, the founder of Capital Dragons, at the Reptile Expos, we couldn’t have been more impressed with the beautiful colours of bearded dragon morphs he was offering. We were very happy with the dragons we had acquired from him.

So, when we heard that Tim was unable to continue with his operations, and was looking for someone to continue the collection, we set to work to take advantage of this awesome opportunity and we were able to move the setup from Ottawa to our location in Peterborough in December of 2004.

It is so exciting to be able to continue Capital Dragons history of providing Canadians with the healthiest and most extreme bearded dragon colour morphs in North America.