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Our Terms

  1. Our dragons have an extended 60-day total health guarantee with lifetime support.
  2. This guarantee gets a dragon to 15 weeks old to help ensure proper adjustment to new locations.
  3. If you ever become concerned about a dragon's health, contact us immediately for assistance.
  4. Failure to do so voids consideration in the rare case a replacement is ever necessary.
  5. Dragons travel with Air Canada, to your closest airport, using same-day flights.
  6. Be advised that Air Canada has an embargo on "live" cargo at Christmas.
  7. Enclosures travel "door to door" via FedEx Courier.
  8. Smaller packages such as "feeder" items travel with Canada Post.
  9. We cannot refund travel costs as they are from outside sources.
  10. Many factors can affect a bearded dragon's colour, such as heat, stress, mood. We therefore cannot guarantee colour. In most cases, colours and traits of the parents of offspring we produce can be a true judge of colour potential.

We are home-based bearded dragon breeders.

Our stock changes frequently, so contact us to discuss your needs.

Your satisfaction is second only to the health, care and quality of our dragons

It is expected and is your responsibility to provide proper husbandry for any of our dragons.