Expanded Services

Working with the Reptile Feeders group, who handle larger corporate orders, we may be able to arrange convenient smaller orders that individuals in city suburbs or remote areas may require.

Sending feeders to most areas of Canada by Canada Express Post can usually be arranged, (weather permitting). 

contact us directly by email by 6 pm Saturday for any feeders to go out the following Monday or Tuesday. 

Contacting us after that time would wait until a week later.    You can select from individual pack sizes listed here.

NOTE: Extreme hot or cold weather limits the distance feeders can ship safely!

Contact us anytime to check to see if you are in a location that could use this service.

Pickup can also probably be arranged if you are closer in our area.

If we're unable to assist you during extreme weather periods, please contact us in better weather.

Note that feeders such as Crickets, Superworms and Mealworms travel well in warm weather while feeders such as Butter Worms and Wax Worms do better when it is a little cooler.