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Brandi-Lee Machan

Hey guys … Just wanted to let you two know that Fia, the dragon I bought about 3 years ago from you, is doing great. She tends to lay a lot of eggs and you can almost time her to the day for when she will lay them, or she gets very cranky and nothing makes her happy. Last time I wrote I was having behavior problems and found it was being caused by 1 silly egg that she just could not get out. After she laid it she went back to her normal self. She is a beautiful dragon and there are actually quite a few people who are always amazed as to how orange she is compared to other dragons they see. I have to say how ever you guys get your dragons to eat so well is amazing. Ever since I have put her with my boy Phoenix (my male) he has with out a fight started to eat a lot better for me and that has really made me happy.

When I received her from you she was a pig, well she's a bigger pig now but I prefer the big eating over not eating. Right now I'm just patiently waiting for my eggs to hatch. With a small flash light up to the container they are in I have seen little shadows of tails. I have checked a little closer and the other day I was able to see most of the baby body in the egg and it even wiggled around some. It was so exciting. So here I sit sometimes looking at my incubator just waiting for one to decide that that egg is too small to live in any more, it is day 62. So thank you again for such a wonderful dragon. Without her I would not have the excitement I have right now, and my boy wouldn’t have his true love. They have become quite the pair.

Brandi-Lee Machan
Edmonton, Alberta

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