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Ian Steeves

Sheila and George have been such a pleasure to deal with. I was impressed with the quick response that I received to all of my questions. It was so exceptional of George to drive all that way on such a short notice to meet me when I just happened to be in Toronto. It was an unexpected trip for me and George really went out of his way to assist me. By meeting George in person I could easily see the passion that he has for bearded dragons.

I really love the vibrant colors of this guy. He's beautiful and healthy. Those that I have shown him to are very impressed with him. A few just by seeing him have become interested in acquiring a bearded dragon themselves. If you are looking for a good quality bearded dragon from someone knowledgeable with excellent service then call Capital Dragons. I highly recommend them! I will definitely be contacting Capital Dragons again.

Thank you Sheila and George!

Ian Steeves
Yellowknife, NWT