Canadian Flag

Jackie V

He's here! My brother phoned me at 9:00 in the morning to tell me my beardie had arrived. I picked him up after work, 2:00 pm. When I opened the box he was already on his way out. He is even more beautiful than the picture, I couldn't be happier. I gave him a warm bath (which he pooed in) and then set him in his enclosure. Right now he is warming up under his basking light. The slate is at 104 degrees, and climbing a little, should be stable soon. I need to get some collared greens or something healthier than lettuce tommorow. Right now there is misted lettuce and a few small pieces of carrot in his bowl. (he's not interested, but didn't expect him to be, just licks it.)

My friend is bringing crickets in a couple of hours, which will give him some time to warm up and settle down a little. He should eat those. So all in all, I'm so glad that I chose to get a beardie from you, in Canada and not from a petstore or the U.S.A. Thanks so much for everything, he's just too cute!

Jackie V.
Carman, Manitoba