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Randi Johnston

I have dealt with numerous breeders, both privately and when I worked for a large scale petstore, and I've seen nothing but the best come from you guys. The female that I got is an absolute doll. Bright red and orange (even some pink around her ears and cheeks) and is the most inquisitive beardie I have ever owned. The male is the same. He's always very alert (he's even bearded me a few times when his salad is a little later than normal) and is one of the most solid orange dragons I have ever seen.

Both ate a full dish of salad as well as numerous phoenix worms the day they got home, which I've never had happen before. For the rest of my guys, even though it was offered, they didn't really start to chow down until two or so days after they were brought home.  Right now the two of them are in their own basic tanks until I can get their custom enclosures built but I will send you pictures of both of the dragons and of their new homes if you would like. I definitely look forward to doing more with you ... possibly for another female in the near future.

Thanks for the most beautiful dragons I have ever seen.

Randi Johnston
Calgary, Alberta