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Stephanie Ross

I cannot get over how beautiful your dragons are! I named my new dragon Perseus came home almost two weeks ago and he is already quite settled in and he is such an incredible little dragon! I have always wanted a bright red or orange dragon and I got the best of both worlds with a red and orange hybrid! His colors are gorgeous, he is growing like a weed, eating like a pig and he has such a lovely temperament. He is incredibly healthy and lively and has settled in so well. Sheila and George have been incredibly helpful and professional in every aspect of the transaction and even offered to drop off my little guy while coming through Ottawa!

They have such amazing colour combinations and their top priority is the health and wellbeing of the dragons. It is so nice to know that these dragons are coming from such a wonderful and caring place. I cannot thank you enough for breeding such an amazing and gorgeous dragon! I am completely in love. He is so happy and feisty! I am so excited to watch him grow. I will not hesitate to get another little guy or girl from Sheila and George in the future!

Stephanie Ross
Ottawa, Ontario

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