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Vickie Young

We absolutely love our beardie. His name is Dexter and he is about sixteen inches now. He has changed color several times and is currently shedding off a mixture of coral and red colours. He is the most lovable and affectionate pet. I never dreamed a lizard could be so sociable and curious as this guy. He actually looks for us and waits for us to pay attention to him. He has even formed a bond with our dog who insists on winning staring contests. He really is a joy and I thank you so much for providing us with a wonderful lizard.

In closing I would like to thank both of you for the amazing job you do. You are both professionals with a real passion for delivering a superior pet. I would recommend your services to anyone looking for a bearded dragon. We continue to have fun watching our new addition grow into the most amazing creature. He is truly everything we wanted and more. Thanks again for everything.

Vickie Young
Cambridge, Ontario

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